About us

We took the name Terracotta TCM because our products are made from –and smell like- earth and they are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. But most importantly, we identify with the spirit of the Xi’An Terracotta Warriors because they exemplified righteousness, and the courage to fight for ideals. Similarly, we at Terracotta TCM feel that everyone should have access to the best possible health and wellness products, no matter how far we have to go in order to get them. We believe in amazing products that offer the best quality and purity that today’s technology can provide, products that help people and that we can be proud of.

We are a tiny company growing in leaps and bounds, but we don’t want to stop being new, so our goal is to keep adding products with the same ancient but effective ingredients that were in use thousands of years ago in Asia. We have 3 products right now, RockStar for stamina and immunity, SuperBrain for a boost in Nerve Growth Factor (NGF), nerve and brain cell regeneration, and Immunity  for preventing and inhibiting tumor growth and spread. But we still have at least 2 more supplements that we are coming out with, and I won’t spoil the surprise. But that’s not all, our ultimate goal is to create a range of products in the personal care and cosmetics arena, all of it based in the millenary traditions people in ancient Asia enjoyed and found so effective. Terracotta Shampoo, here we come!!!

Finally, we love research, just check out the research section of our website, it’s addictive! But seriously, we’re never going to sell anything that isn’t researched, proven and time-tested, so check the Terracotta TCM website often for any new studies/research on our product ingredients. We want to make sure anyone can get a wealth of information on our ingredients before they decide if our product is right for them.

As you try out our products, we encourage you to send us your questions and share your experiences and we will share ours as well. Our testimonials come from friends and family members who have used our products and seen dramatic improvements in their health. We have also seen and experienced the benefits of TCM and our products, which is why we believe in them 100%. To us, good health should be a right, not a privilege.

For more information, please contact us via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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