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Gets You in the Rythm!!



Our Rockstar supplement as its namesake lets you know, allows you to get more out of your day by giving you more endurance and stamina. Rockstar is made from Agaricus Blazei Murill ( see K.O.A.T for AbM description,) and Ophiocordycep Sinensis, one of the most valued medicinal fungi in China, used for its invigorating effects in strengthening the body and restoring energy.  Many people use Ophiocordycep as a stimulant, a tonic, and an “adaptogen,” to increase energy, enhance stamina, and reduce fatigue.

Ophiocordyceps is used to treat a wide range of ailments such as chronic bronchitis, respiratory disorders, kidney disorders, male sexual problems, anemia ,high cholesterol, and  liver disorders to name a few. However, It is more commonly  used for strengthening the immune system, improving athletic performance, reducing the effects of aging, promoting longer life, and improving liver function in people with hepatitis B. Alternatively, studies revealed it that might stimulate  cells and specific chemicals in the immune system which protect against cancer cells and may shrink tumor size, particularly with lung or skin cancers.
Some people use Ophiocordyceps as a stimulant, a tonic, and an “adaptogen,” which is used to increase energy, enhance stamina, and reduce fatigue.

Ophiocordyceps benefits are crucial in the treatment of:

  1. Well known Anti-tumor anti-cancer agent
  2. Sports and performance enhancement
  3. Diabetes and Blood Pressure control
  4. Boost sexual function in men and women
  5. Regulates and improves lung and kidney function
  6. Powerful anti-aging antioxidant

The secret is in our proprietary blend.


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