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In 2008 a business contact talked to me about his 69 year old father  who had lung cancer. He was devastated that after receiving more than 9 chemical treatments doctors had given up on him. His father had always been a tall, strong man of 250 pounds but during his chemotherapy treatments his weight dropped  more than 40%. At the time I was already very familiar wth TCM ( Traditional Chinese Medicine)  and had been bringing some herbal products to friends and family, so I decided to bring something for him on my next trip to China. Just after 2 months of taking the medicine I had brought for him from China, he was almost back to his normal weight again and was able to run errands on his bicycle again. Pictures showed the cancer was still there but it had stopped growing.

The TCM was able to improve his quality of life dramatically and it extended his life.  Chinese medicine is not always meant to cure but help the body achieve balance and to improve quality of life as long and as much as the individual body can handle. For me watching his recovery was a very weird experience, and also scary we have to say. How is it possible this was not already wide spread in the world of Medicine. Normally Western Doctors are biased and very skeptical but at the end of the day , they took  a Do Not Harm Oath . And instead of embracing Traditional Chinese Medicine or any other type of medical tradition which help them fulfill their oath to help and not harm, they fail in the face of  terrible illnesses because they have only studied Western Medicine brought by the Western Pharmaceutical Industry.

In China, the study and practice of medicine aims to include both Western as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine, because they understand that TCM’s focus is to deal with the root cause of the disease, but that the role of Western medicine equally important in that it addresses the disease and its symptoms directly.

So far, the West has tried and given credit to the medical benefits found in Eastern practices such as acupuncture, and it’s time that our Western doctors open up to TCM and the wonderful remedies from Nature. 


I personally take Rockstar before working out and it does improve my performance. I specially noticed it the times I forgot to take them before training. Then I felt the difference. For my daily work I use Superbrain as well, and it is difficult to say how much it helped me but it does makes my mind a great more deal of clarity during the day. This means less stress, so I can perform better, that is why I am a strong believer in Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Terracotta TCM products.


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