P Hooijmans

Dear Bas,

I understood from your mother that you would like to know about my health situation concerning the tumor in my bladder. I got pain in my stomach in January 2005 and got anti-inflammatory medication. In February 2005 the hospital put me in a 3 month control cycle, since they had discovered many small tumors. In 2007 I had 3 surgeries. In 2009 they removed even a piece of my bladder. Also in 2010 they removed a small tumor. Somewhere halfway in 2009  your mother gave me your Chinese medicine just to give a try she said. After they removed in 2010 a small tumor, the hospital put me again in a 3 month cycle and later in a 6 month cycle. In total I have received 12 mito treatments ( chemical therapy) but I have improved since I took  the Chinese capsules. In 2009 I took 2 a day and now I only take one a day for maintenance. The last control at the hospital three weeks ago, they didn’t find anything at all. No trace of cancer, my body is clean  of tumors. I am fully confident in these products. The hospital and the assistants were very much interested in these products , as they too recognized that my progress was unlike any other they had ever seen or heard of.  I will continue these products even though i am free of cancer because i believe i owe my life to them. 



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